Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No Wonder the City of New York Can't Get Snow Removed

NYC has posted a help wanted ad for snow shovelers.

In order to shovel snow for the city, you have to register and bring:

• Two small photos (1.5 inch square). The photos must be the same style as those used for a passport.

• Social security card and photocopy

• Official photo ID (driver's license, passport, school photo ID, etc.) AND photocopy
Pay is $12 an hour and increases to $18 an hour after 40 hours per week. I'm thinking a snow shoveler who really hustles on his own can make twice as much per hour.

And, oh yeah, for the city work:
Payment is by check and normally takes about 4 to 6 weeks.


  1. Doesn't seem like very fair pay considering the full timers make in excess of $50/hr.

  2. Only absolute fools work for a living...Who would throw their life away for $18 per hour especially after the parasites steal half of that in taxes and the other half in inflation? Go live on an island and fish and drink rum...Be Happy!