Thursday, January 13, 2011

Soros is One of the Largest Owners of Farmland in South America

Billionaire George Soros is a Big Picture investor. Through shrewd observation and, when necessary, via manipulation of government operators, he is usually able to cash in on major trends. All indications are that food prices are heading higher based on upward price forces from both the demand and supply side.  It turns out that, through a subsidiary, Soros is one of the largest owners of productive farmland in South America. This could be his greatest investment ever.

The company, Adecoagro, based in Luxembourg, but with extensive farm holdings in South America, is going public. Because it is going public, the details of the company and the Soros connection become clear.

Th IPO will consist of 28.54 million shares and is expected to be priced between $13 and $15 per share.  The prospectus says the company believes that they "are one of the largest owners of productive farmland in South America”. As of September 30, 2010, the company says it owned 274,663 hectares (excluding sugarcane farms) of farmland in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Soros, through a holding company, owns 34% of Adecoargo.


  1. are you going to buy some shares?

  2. Soros is a Scumbagger not a freemarket capitalist. Better a Teabagger than a Liberal Scumbagger who believe that they are entitled to other people's lives and earnings.

  3. I will pick up some shares. As for Soros, arguing for the obvious need of decentralization is the polar opposite of the claims he is anti-capitalistic. The only gentleman I have see that own vast media holdings and personally had the cajones to clearly state TBTF banks need to be broken up.

  4. This is interesting, I saw a recent interview of Jim Rogers in which he stated he is an advisor to a company in Brazil and a company in Canada who are each buying up farmland. Jim has been a major bull on agriculture for several years now and he is famous for saying if you want to get rich in the next decade become a farmer. Soros and Rogers started the Quantum Fund together, back in the 70's. I wonder if this company is one of the companies Jim is advising? Whatever the case they both must agree that agriculture is going to be big. Based on my own research I would agree.