Sunday, January 30, 2011

Top Ten

Below are the Top Ten most viewed EPJ posts for the week ending Saturday January 29, 2011.

#1 American Arrested in Mexico for Carrying 150 Gold Coins; Coins Seized  (An April 2010 EPJ classic comes roaring back on to the Top Ten.)

#2 HOT: Fed Hides Major Accounting Change (2nd week on list)

#3 Global Insiders Warned: U.S. Debt Crisis Could Explode at Anytime

#4 Is This the Best the Fed Can Do in Its Defense?

#5 How To Prepare For A State Default by Jonathan Bergman

#6 Food Stamps as a JPMorgan Growth Industry

#7 An Inside Look at Global Money Center Bank Activities (2nd week on list)

#8 What a Difference Free Markets Make

#9 The Coming Internet National ID Card (2nd week on list)

#10 Are Skyscrapers Evil?

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