Monday, January 24, 2011

The Truth About Obama's New "Pro Business" Stance

Tim Carney nails it:

Since his party's November shellacking, President Obama has worked hard to show America that he is not anti-business, notably by picking General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt and Chicago banker Bill Daley for prominent posts in his administration. But their selection does not mean Obama is "pro-business," at least as the term is commonly understood. The president is no champion of open markets and free competition. His idea of being friendly to business means more government subsidies and corporate-government cooperation, both of which are mother's milk to Immelt and Daley,

...the anti-business charge against Obama was always off target. "Anti-free market" was -- and is still -- more accurate.

...The pundits will say Obama is warming toward business. Immelt's and Daley's appointments show us which businesses.

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