Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Video Bernanke is Watching Right Now

Credit Bubble Stocks writes:

Somewhere in the lavish Eccles Building in Washington D.C., Bernanke is watching this video.



  1. CBS may be watching this, but Bernanke care's little for these shitty people. He realizes another CIA and other phyops are doing his dirty work to enslave us into further power elite control. USA backs rebels, what else is new here, same crap from the elite to gain control.


  2. Going after Obama for citizenship is a bad idea. We need to impeach both Obama and Biden. If Obama goes and Biden becomes President the economic and social madness will continue.

    If we can get rid of Obama and Biden, Boehner, being the Speaker of the House, will become President and we can have economic policy that is less insane.

  3. When the USA Fed prints money and buys equities thru the member commercial bank "investment" branch, food and energy prices skyrocket and the poorer countries start killing their owners (aka, Politicians). You can blame the USA Banksters for these riots. The Banksters are going to have to sell their positions to stop inflation. Do you really think stock market prices have anything to do with supply and demand? The monetary system is a counterfeit racket.