Thursday, February 10, 2011

Abigail Doolittle: A Split in the Direction Between Gold and Silver?

Abigail Doolittle of PeakTheories is out with a new report on a short term basis she sees the possibility of a divergence between gold and silver, and is warning about a possible short-term 5% to 10% pullback in equity markets. Specifically. she writes:

- Gold's charts suggest that its near-term uptrend will continue as critical levels of support are likely to remain intact.

- Silver, on the other hand, may be in for deeper declines despite the fact that this would mean a brief and near-term trend departure between gold and silver.

- Lastly, equities may be setting up for a near-term correction of between 5% and 10%.
She has a more detailed video analysis, here.


  1. She seems like a nice enough lady but all of this fancy TA is useless in Gold and Silver. I've read so many TA analysts and the always get it wrong, because they refuse to consider that these markets are managed.

    The biggest fact in these markets is the physical market's ability to overpower The Gold Cartel.

    Everything else is just noise.

  2. Past results have nothing to do with future success, but her last calls on gold posted on EPJ were spot on correct

  3. The word moron comes to mind after reading her post. Silver is in bacwardation, the 100 oz bars that commercial buyers get are in slight demand with hedge fund, silver funds and high net worth individuals and are taking weeks to months to get. Many of the mints have sold out of physical.

    There is speculation that the shorts are going to have to have government support to get out of their positions (read:Force Majeure).

    Silver should hit 40 or 50 near term. Expect a short squeeze. Backwardation is very indicative that the price will move higher indicating also that physical is in short supply.

    Charting has a place but I wouldn't place my bets based on that solely.

  4. Gold and Silver are two tiered markets. The physical market and the paper market. One is real and one is fake. Similar to oil. Brent is real, WTIC IS FAKE. Our markets are completely corrupted by GS running the entire NYSE specialist and clearance operations, utilizing high frequency trading algorhythms to front run every single order that hits the exchange. They have a license to steal and will never be stopped. Iam an old specialist from the floor of the NYSE used to work for SLK. Trust me, the entire stock market execution platform is a fraud, designed to steal a little bit off every trade.