Thursday, February 24, 2011

Assange Extradition Approved

A U.K. court has ordered WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange be extradited to Sweden to face questioning about sexual assault allegations.

A Swede trial would, of course, just be a warm up act, until the U.S. gets its hands on Assange. One courageous dude.


  1. "One courageous dude.", RW? Really.
    This "dude" is a promoted dude of the elite. A manufactured mythology to exploit social change. Look, Assange get's million dollar book contract, a motion picture of the "blond bomber", and then maybe hobnob with B.O. as a possible Nobel Peace prize winner? Quite a promotion from the scumbags running the show. Remember, "Hollywood is dead baby". Not too hard to be courageous when you get to read the script in advance.


  2. Hi Scarlett,

    If Assange ends up in a cell next to Bradley Manning, I don't see that as a reward for good service to the elite.

    Daniel Domscheit-Berg in his new book, "Inside WikiLeaks", paints Assange as not interested in money. He slept on friends couches for heavens sake. When he says he inked the book deal to pay his legal bills, I tend to believe him.

    Until there is strong evidence otherwise, I'm willing to give Assange the benefit of the doubt.

  3. Hi, RW.


    Assange will not end up beside Manning. reports "After months of investigation, U.S. authorities have apparently been unable to find any independent evidence that a jailed Army private accused of leaking classified documents gave them to the secret-spilling site WikiLeaks, according to a news report."

    See link

    John Manning was ratted on to the CIA by the convicted hacker Adrian Davos. That is the link to Manning not Assange, and it will not get traction either in court. John Manning should have received the Sam Adams award that Assange got. By the way The Economist laid the Freedom of Expression Awards on his golden locks. The Economist, a media arm of the Rothschild family bestowed the award.

    With Alan Dershowitz now enlisted to attend to legal concerns in the USA and Sweden, smooth sailing is assured. He is a first amendment legal adviser with a backup in moral fiber issues. We will see if the Swedes can pin the ripped rubber on the sexy blond. I wonder if Dershowitz is requesting $1000 per hour, or pro bono?

    See link,

    As for Daniel Domscheit-Berg(hacker's hacker), he has openly said after their falling out “Sometimes I hate him so much that I’m afraid I’d resort to physical violence if our paths ever cross again.” I am inclined to believe him.

    The film is going to be great, large popcorn all around.


  4. @Scarlett

    I agree that there is a "promotion."

    But I fall into the camp that feels WL is the problem, regardless of where you stand on Assange, who strikes me as a patsy.

    His personality comes of as of a dedicated, eccentric anti-establishment guy. I think "they" found he didn't read the script they wanted him to read, so they decided to throw him under a bus.

    And I can't think much of people who write tell-all books about people they are close to.
    Why is D-Berg any more credible than Assange?

    A pox on all of them and on the whole dumb "transparency" meme. We don't need more transparency. We need more secrets.

    We need to shove everything back into the closet, learn to zip our lips, and keep walking, not talking.