Monday, February 7, 2011

Ben Bernanke versus Ron Paul: Round 1

How scared is Ben Bernanke of Ron Paul's Monetary Policy Subcommittee?

There's some speculation that Bernanke's homeboys in the House scheduled testimony for Bernanke to conflict with the first scheduled meeting of Ron Paul's Monetary Policy Subcommittee, so that there would be less press coverage of Paul's hearings.

Lew Rockwell writes :
The Fed itself, and at least three big banks, lobbied against Ron’s chairmanship. Republicans who share their fear of the truth worked with Paul Ryan, chairman of the “Budget” Committee, to schedule hearings with Bernanke at the exact same time as Ron’s, to try to diminish the significance of Ron’s.
This may backfire on Helicopter Ben, people are really sick and tired of closed door secret antics.

Rockwell is urging members of the public to attend Paul's hearing. A crowd always causes the press and congressmen to take notice, and they know a Ron Paul crowd is a grassroots crowd, not brought in for the day by some bankster lobbyists.

The subject of the hearing is unemployment and the hearing is entitled, "Can Monetary Policy Really Create Jobs?" From what I hear, attendees will not be disappointed. And the crowd could be noticeable. You just know that Ron Paul is going to make major news over the course of the chairmanship of this committee and those attending the committee hearing, when he chairs for the first time, will be witnessing something historic. It will give people the opportunity to say, "I was there from the start."

The hearing will take place at: 10:00AM on Wednesday, February 9, 2011, in Room 2128 of the Rayburn House Office Building, the main hearing room of the Financial Services Committee.


  1. Hey,

    That's great. As I am located in EU, is it possible to follow the hearing live via Internet? Do you guys have some type of CSPAN Live version on the Internet? :-)


  2. If Ron Paul is so wrong, according to Ben & His Crue and their Establishment Bene-malefactors, then why act like you're afraid of him? To me, this is an act of cowardice--plain and simple.

  3. Bob, are you going to attend? I'm not sure if I can swing it, but I'd love to be there.

  4. No I won't be able to make. I'm going to be conducting an important interview.

  5. I think Dr. Paul should invite Paul Krugman next time...then after he accepts ask Bob Muprhy to join.