Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CFR's Steve Cook has Second Thoughts about U.S. Support for "Authoritarian Stability"

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  1. Pretty sure he could've made the same exact point about the US regime sending 18 yos from Nowhere, USA to other parts of the world to kill the 18 yos there, for what? Because they want to resist the US regime?

    What a thoughtful guy! Hey Steve Cook, next time you're thinking about wasting your time working for the CFR spreading empire all around the world, only to have second thoughts when you see what it's like in person, come by and have a chat. I'm pretty sure I could sort it out for you and spare you a few years and a lot of embarrassment after the fact.

    Oh, and great name-dropping of your Italian communist intellectual heir that you worshipped in grad school. No wonder you were so befuddled by reality, you've been the willful dupe in a two-bit commie fantasy your whole life.

    Yikes. Can't wait 'til all these clowns move on. Won't be a day too soon in my book!