Monday, February 28, 2011

Eric Margolis Reports on the Berlusconi Horrors, Horrors!

Eric thumbs:
Mama Mia! #Italy's poor #Berlusconi accused of financing breast, hip, lip jobs for young tarts in his bunga-bunga room.

One of Berlusconi's Girls
MSM and the courts are always allowed to keep their eyes on the T&A, even enhanced T&A, while the real criminals continue to advance their global schemes

The real focus should be on the head of the Italian central bank, and former Goldman man, Mario Draghi, who is considered the top candidate to head the European Central Bank, when Jean-Claude Trichet reign ends, later this year.

A Goldman man at the head of the ECB would mean that Goldman has key people placed at arguably the two most important central banks. The New York Fed president is former Goldman man William Dudley.

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  1. evidence against Mr Berlusconi is shaky to say the least. just another attempt of the leftist italian judiciary to bypass elections.