Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gov. Scott Walker Gives Fake David Koch an Update

This is hilarious. An alternative newspaper in Buffalo, NY calls Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as "David Koch". Clearly the Governor spends more time with Koch lieutenants than he does with the head honcho. He doesn't recognize the voice as not being Koch's, but gives the Fake David Koch a full rundown of what is going on in Wisconsin.

At one point, the governor warns Fake Koch that Wisconsin House Rep. Tim Cullen, a Democrat who's voted with Republicans on numerous issues, is "not one of us."

Overall, Walker comes off as a pretty straight guy (who has probably taken Eliot Spitzer's advice to never talk when you can nod). He comes across as simply a guy who can be hoodwinked by a Fake Koch. I hate to imagine what a real Koch can do to him.

Keep in mind the Koch's are likely very good at using code talkers, see my The Importance of Using Code Talkers, so that's why there sounds like only a distant familiarity between the two. The seven lobbyists the Koch brothers have in Wisconsin are the code talkers, the Gloria Allred's of toilet paper factory lobbying, if you will.

Here's the call.


  1. FWIW. It was reported on my local Milwaukee news station that Walker had never talked to David Koch before. Walker does come across as pretty straight forward,and discreet. Would be interesting to hear a DNC call to union leaders. But a plague on both houses say I.

  2. Well, it's about time some other politician gets his worst photo shown. I'm sick and tired to see the media use horrible pictures of Dr. Ron Paul whenever they write about him. The other day I seen one of Mike Huckabe looking like he had a puckering sickness suddenly befall him.

  3. stevethecarpetcleanerFebruary 24, 2011 at 12:19 AM

    I stand with Walker.

  4. Next he should try to call Obama as a "Rothschild".

  5. Just curious, were there any wiretap laws violated here? Obviously, Gov Walker is unaware he is being taped.

  6. Walker actually sounds like he is doing this for the right reasons, not a shady back room deal with Koch