Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Murphy Smacks Milbank

Bob Murphy tears apart Dana Milbank's attack on Tom DiLorenzo, here.  I mean tears apart.

Murphy sticks to an analysis of Milbank's comments, but it should also be known that Milbank is at the core of the establishment that DiLorenzo and Ron Paul are trying to tear down.

Not only does Milbank write for WaPo, but he is a Yale grad member of Skull and Bones.

The Skull and Bones have a special hatred for the Murray Rothbard wing of libertarians of which Ron Paul and DiLorenzo can be considered members. Skull and Bones member William F Buckley even used his obituary of Rothbard to viciously attack the man.


  1. I suggest he change his name to Mountebank, for the sake of clarity.

  2. The confederacy defended slavery. The confederacy fought Lincoln. DiLorenzo critiques Lincoln. Therefore DiLorenzo is pro-slavery.

    Al Qaeda defends islamism. Al Qaeda fought Bush. Obama critiques Bush. Therefore Obama is for islamism.

    Political logic at work.