Monday, February 14, 2011

Must View: Rand Paul on the Patriot Act

There is a statesman in the Senate.


  1. That was pretty good.

    Nothing outside the State, nothing but the State.

    It seems as if everything I was taught about what America stood for, was a lie.

    America stands only for the State.

  2. Rand Paul looks better and better.
    First, he suggests cutting aid to Israel (and all the others)
    Now, he defends procedural protections...
    Talks in complete sentences...
    Understands history...
    Doesn't insult our intelligence...

    Are you sure he's seeking office...and not a spot with Brian Lamb?


  4. I'm becoming more and more impressed. Cutting foreign aid along with that budget cut plan was good.

    But still, this is all talk. Good talk, but just talk. Until there's a consistent voting record, his positions are nothing but rhetoric. Don't get too exicted.