Monday, February 14, 2011

New Criticism of Wal-Mart: Teens Can't Resist Temptation to Steal and Will Get Criminal Records

Unions are behind the big anti-Wal-Mart push across the country. I have seen anti_Wal-Mart union activists show up at the damnedest places, even at anti-war protests.

But D.C. activist deserve union medals for her their spin on why Wal-Mart's shouldn't be allowed in Washington D.C. WaPo explains:
Washington, D.C. residents worry that the store would suffer severely or even fail because of petty theft. "There will probably be a lot of shoplifting going on. They'll need a lot of security," local resident Terriea Sutton, 35, said.

Brenda Speaks, a Ward 4 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, actually urged blocking construction of the planned store in her ward at Georgia and Missouri avenues NW partly because of that risk. Addressing a small, anti-Wal-Mart rally at City Hall last Monday, Speaks said young people would get criminal records when they couldn't resist the temptation to steal [from Wal-Mart].



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  1. "They'll need a lot of security,"

    Yeah, why should the good folks in D.C. put up with Wal-Mart offering even more jobs than it otherwise would.

    Seriously, Twilight Zone, anyone??