Sunday, February 27, 2011

Obama Wants to Charge Canadians Flying into Entry Fee

The Canadian Air Council reports that the proposed inspection fee of $5.50 per person is outlined in the draft of the 2012 U.S. federal budget.

The only break Canadians will have is that they will only have to pay in U.S. dollars, instead of Canadian dollars. The U.S. dollar is likely to continue to decline against the looney.


  1. Canadians are already avoiding U.S. connections on intl. flights.
    It seems that the U.S. does not allow "transit" lounges so everybody has to clear into U.S. and clear out again, even on their way to the Bahamas.
    Geez, the U.S. is startin' to SUCK! (sarcasm alert)

  2. Canadian living abroad here. I doubt one more extra tax for $5.50 on top of all the others is going to cause many people to change their travel plans. The TSA on the other hand, does. On my home trips, stopping for a few days in your great country on the way to Canada was one of the highlights of the trip. But since about 2005, I've paid extra to avoid stops in the US. Too bad. I still think it's a great country.