Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Odd Coverage (or lack thereof) of Ben Bernanke Testimomy

A friend emails:
This morning CNBC did NOT cover live Bernanke's prepared remarks before committee;

CNBC broke away during Bernanke Q&A to cover a several minute interview with a Chrysler exec;

CNBC broke for extended commercials during Bernanke Q&A;

CNBC broke for minor news (some a few hours old,) during Bernanke Q&A.

I can't believe CNBC producers are that dumb; this is the first testimony by Bernanke since the change in Congress; I can only assume CNBC was either told to avoid coverage... Just my opinion, but this is so blatant, & disgusting, that I wanted to comment --


  1. If he's going to lie, why broadcast it? Seems like a red flag to pay attention to what he says today (lies or no).

  2. not dumb they're controlling what the sheeple are allowed to see.