Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OUTRAGEOUS: FOX Dirty Trick Attempt to Discredit Ron Paul's Straw Poll Victory

How scared of Ron Paul is the establishment?

They used their media mouthpiece, FOX "News", to attempt to discredit Paul's straw poll victory at CPAC by playing the booing during the 2010 straw poll results as though it was the 2011 results being booed.

This is the most incredible act of news media deception ever caught in smoking gun style. This video is a must view, and notice how the FOX anchors set up the lie and Bill Hemmer, the anchor interviewing Congressman Paul, brings the LIE right into the interview, in a further attempt to dilute Paul's victory.

These boys are scared, really scared. Get this video clip out to everyone and let people know what is going on.

(ViaPrisonPlanet) (htAlexanderKoffler)


  1. This is unf*ingbelievable. I enjoy Freedom Watch with the Judge on FBN, but this is just dissapointing. Hemmer, you suck!!

  2. What an embarrassment for Fox News. This makes them look like a bunch of chumps.

  3. CNN did almost the exact same thing!

    Look at the original footage of the announcement:

    Now pay attention to the CNN version:

    The man has ruffled some serious feathers.

  4. One has to wonder, if the establishment hates him THAT much . . . might they try to kill him?

    It would not shock me.

  5. I checked, and this is the actual Fox News coverage from 2011. Here is the link to the interview posted by FoxNewsChannel on YouTube. Turns out "Fair & Balanced" means "Arm of the Establishment"

  6. Posted to ZH:

  7. The Hemmers and company will always be with us. We are on one side and they the other, with the middle filled with lies deception and untruth. The suits are always the same, bought and paid for by the elite who really run the damned planet with their stinking printed money. You got to feel sorry for them, the paid liars. They know they do it and in their lonely existence, they know they have been bought and paid for. More to be pitied really, you can't shame people like that.

    Nice to watch them squirm though.