Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Politicos Who Loved Him

Foreign Policy magazine takes down the entire global political elite from Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan to Princess Diana, for their buddy-days with Hosni Mubaarak.

Thirty years of photo-ops the west would rather forget, all right here.


  1. I wonder if this is what Truman had in mind when he put forth the Truman doctrine in 1947. It seems we have no problem with dictators so long as they support our interests. They only become evil when they don't. I guess contrary to what Truman understood and what is clearly demonstrated by the US's history of good relations with some dictators, there is such a thing as a good dictator. I am sure at least a few Presidents over our history have also wondered how to sell that idea to the American public. FDR probably came closest.

  2. "Mubarak bristled at Bush's (43) suggestion he hold open elections."

    Sounds like one guy, despite all his wrongness, was correct on this accord.

  3. They are all terrorists and I think people of the world are finally waking up to that fact.