Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Protecting the Kochoctopus

In addition to the FAA banning  flights over the Kochoctopus conference in Rancho Mirgae, California (It is unclear if fighter jets were to be scrambled in case a plane crossed Kochoctpus land), riot police were on hand to protect the Kochanaks against the protesters.

WSJ reports:
The police came out in force, according to local news reports. They sent out 60 deputies in riot gear and a helicopter to kept the crowd in line. A few officers were perched with guns on the resort roof. About 25 people were arrested.
Folks, these were Common Cause protesters. I have seen this type of Soros group in operation before. To these people, yelling at a passing limousine with tinted windows, which means they don't even know if it is full or empty, is considered hazardous duty. Before the internet, these types were good for licking stamps and sealing envelopes, now I have no idea what they do other than yell at passing limousines. The 25 "arrested" simply crossed the street. They were given citations right as Rancho Mirage and didn't even have to leave the protest.

I mean look at this group. Does it appear that riot police, never mind roof top gunmen and helicopters, were needed?

These people are carrying cameras. It's a Facebook entry for them.

BTW: God must not be a Kochnack fan. I understand many left the Kochnack meetings early to get ahead of the massive storm developing across a wide swath of the nation. Damn the "Kochanacks plotting to takeover the world via electoral strategies", there was a snow storm to beat. These are not exactly "Give me liberty, or give me death" types that the Kochs are inviting to these riot police protected events.


  1. Hey -

    Kochtopus scholars are getting a lot of play these days. The Mercatus Center is "in". Tyler Cowen, Peter Boettke and Steven Horwitz (no offense to these esteemed scholars)...are the libertarian flavor of the month.

    Now it's Jack Goldstone, who's updating the Huntington thesis from "clash of civilizations" to Islamic population bomb.

    (Query to self - is that really "updating" - wasn't it always the Muslim womb that was the ultimate weapon of mass destruction?)

    Skimming Goldstone's stuff, I'm wondering if it's worth a read or if he's just yet another covert ideologue for empire..

    The latter, I'm thinking, sadly.

  2. Background of the Kochtopus: http://www.lewrockwell.com/gordon/gordon37.html

    Still waiting for it to entwine its tentacles with the Goldman Squid. Cephalopada class warfare to ensue.

  3. Look at the picture!
    How ironic that the so-called "libertarian" Kochtopus would employ the full stormtrooper force of the state to intimidate what apparently are nothing but *peaceful* protesters.

    Even freedom of speech isn't safe with these charlatans.