Friday, February 4, 2011

Rand Paul's First Speech in the Senate

You don't hear speeches like this everyday. You actually get the sense that when Rand Paul speaks about Henry Clay and Cassius Clay that he actually knows the history and that the story he tells has real personal meaning to him, as opposed to some speakers, who read words and quotes thrown on the page by some anonymous speech writer.

A must watch video.


  1. A remarkable speech. We've got our man.

  2. Wow, glad to see that the president doesn't hold the monopoly on eloquent speaking. Hope he stays true to what he says.

  3. Rand's public speaking skills have improved up tremendously since his dismal appearance on Maddow. I hope he can keep this up.

  4. No moral issue equivalent to slavery?
    How about human life - along with liberty - mentioned in the Decl. of Independence?
    Is this country on the verge of bankruptcy?
    Yes, but maybe because it is already morally and spiritually bankrupt.

  5. Man, I really love the constitutional fortitude of the Pauls! So far, Rand has been just as impressive as his legendary father. I so look forward to many more years of the Pauls, and hopefully many more like them are inspired to follow in their patriotic footsteps.