Friday, February 4, 2011

Report: Dallas Fed Prez Will Not Vote for Any QE after June

Richard Fisher President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and an FOMC voting member, will not vote for any additional quantitative easing measures after June, reports DC Tripwire.

Bernanke still controls the FOMC board, so this isn't likely to have any real impact on the outcome, but it will put additional critical focus on Bernanke's mad bombing ways, especially as price inflation is likely to kick up a notch by June/July.

What all this should put into focus is the question of what will happen once Bernanke does stop, or slow, printing and his manipulated boom starts to crash. The answer: It will not be pretty.


  1. Sounds like Fisher is in a dark place.

    "In my darkest moments, I have begun to wonder if the monetary accommodation we have already engineered might even be working in the wrong places."

    -Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President, Richard W. Fisher, October 19, 2010

  2. Giving money to a government is like giving nuclear bombs to Ahmadinejad...Is that what he's thinking? The stolen counterfeit money is being spent to expand the police state and I guess he is uneasy about that.