Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The SEC Show Trials Will Have a Show Logo

The absurd expert network insider show indictments and the, soon to come, show trials are not enough for the SEC. They now have a separate logo for their expert network show. This, I note, is coming as SEC Chairwoman Mary Shapiro bitches about budget constraints. On Friday, she said
Unfortunately, we've been operating under a continuing resolution that has hampered our ability to do what investors and capital markets deserve.
Today, the SEC revealed its expert network investigation logo :


  1. I think this actually vibes with Schapiro's comments as it looks like it was made in PrintShop Express, 1999 version, or at best, some freeware MS Paint type upgrade...

    The Analyst
    Stone Street Advisors

  2. I bet she stays away from Blackrock and Bank of New York Mellon for their timely investment in Beckman Coulter.

    Blackrock submitted an SEC filing showing it purchased 4.85 million shares or 7% of Beckman Coulter. Bank of New York Mellon also bought 1.26 million shares of Beckman.

    Danaher landed Beckman for $83.50 per share, beating out Carlyle. Did Blackrock and Mellon get in in time to lock in the 45% gain in two short months?

  3. Indeed, a tribute to K Street creativity. Maybe the CFTC loaned the SEC the Amigas they use for net capital computations.