Friday, February 11, 2011

The Trailer for Atlas Shrugged Is Out

Ayn Rand's novel is about to hit the big screen. Release date: April 15.

The Cast:

Taylor Schilling as ... Dagny Taggart

Edi Gathegi as ......... Eddie Willers

Paul Johansson as .......... John Galt

Matthew Marsden as ...... James Taggart

Grant Bowler as ......... Henry Rearden

Michael O'Keefe as ....... Hugh Akston

Patrick Fischler as ...... Paul Larkin

Jsu Garcia as ..... Francisco D'Anconia

Armin Shimerman as...... ... Dr. Potter

Geoff Pierson as ....... Midas Mulligan

Michael Lerner as ........ Wesley Mouch

Jon Polito ................ Orren Boyle


  1. It dosn;t look very good. IMHO they should have done it as a period piece, so the rail and steel were important industries. That is if they wanted to keep the symbolism of motive power and sructure. Otherwise they should have updated the industries. The railroad could become an airline, the steel mill a nanotechhnology startup that developed a superstrong superlight composite, the 20th Cent Motor Co a biotechnology company that apparently discovered the secret to stop aging and got into loopy collectiveism and just disappeared. They should set it 20 years in the future and dramatize just how far things degenerated from even today - make NYC look like East Berlin.

  2. I didn't realize they would make it so modern. I thought it would be set in the time of the novel. Interesting.

  3. Too bad. This fails on every level. Shelve it. Or tell the editor to add even more cheap FilmFX plugins. Maybe no one will notice the film beneath all of the bright and pretty colors.

  4. I didn't realize they finally made it. None of the big names who had been rumored I see. Haven't been to a movie since V is Vendetta. Opens April 15th, nice touch.

  5. i shrugged the whole time.

  6. I'm in agreement w/ the first commenter. I am very disappointed by what I saw.