Wednesday, February 2, 2011

VERY UGLY: Pro And Anti-Mubarak Groups Clashing

From Twitter:

 "Mubarak supporters CHARGE opponents on horses, camels" -- AlJazaeera English anchor frets that government may come with weapons

AlJazeera English, out-of-breath reporter: "Men on horseback and camels seen rushing into Tahir Square...reports of injuries amidst clashes"

Protesters being attacked with horses and camels. We've caught 7 of their horses

Mubarak's thugs are trying to attack Al Shorouk newspaper HQ

military official standing idly on the roof as Mubarak thugs attack peaceful demonstrators

Soldiers left 4 tanks outside museum. Now anti gov protestors sitting on top. Main battle bout 100m further toward gala st. UTTER CHAOS!

They're coming from all directions now, we're being surrounded

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  1. I bet the pro group is being funded by the CIA/Obama.