Monday, February 21, 2011

Very, Very Cool: A Day Made of Glass

MUST SEE: Corning's vision of the future. Let's hope government doesn't screw it up by suffocating innovation and squeezing out private investment by its borrowings of trillions.



  1. Nice RW. The corporation will benefit again, AKA the USA. The Military/Security complex will use this against us somehow. Any useful innovation will be either used against us or written off. This is the prison planet run by the elite. They throw us the scraps they don't want.

    It's five o'clock and I am having my wiskey now. All is well.


  2. Technology is the biggest tool we have to achieve freedom. Look at what's going on around the world. The more connected the people become to each other through the internet the more they revolt against tyranny. Do you think Mubarak could have stayed in charge if he just had more technology to spy on his people? Once the people say no more, the State is done and technology helps to increase the chances for the people to say no more.

  3. It was cool up until they started showing how ads would be all up in your face.

  4. Don't worry about the ads. This is merely a linear projection of uses for technology in the pipe. We'll get something similar, but will look back at this video and laugh at how different it turned out.

    Still waiting on those flying cars.

  5. Relative to half a century ago we have some pretty impressive gadgets now. Aside from the internet, the novelty of most things fade pretty quickly for me. And like Scarlett says, these "advancements" all seem to come at a price.