Tuesday, February 15, 2011

YAF Founder Challenges YAF: Open Your Books

Following the Young Americans for Freedom recent publicity stunt to throw Ron Paul off their National Advisory Board, David Franke an original founder of the YAF has challenged the YAF to open up their books and disclose how many members they currently have. His belief is that the organization is a ghost of its former self.

Writes Franke:
This has been a sad time for me, considering how important a role Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) played in my life at a young age. The faux paper organization that pretends to be YAF this weekend expelled Rep. Ron Paul from its National Advisory Board, a move that will hurt them far more than the Congressman.

It’s easy to figure out why they did this. At this past week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C., Ron Paul won the presidential straw poll for the second consecutive year. The energy and organization behind this victory was Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), the Ron Paul youth group. YAL was leaving YAF in its dust, not that there ever was a contest. In desperation, YAF had to do something to try and make itself still seem relevant and newsworthy, so it hit upon the idea of expelling Ron Paul from its National Advisory Board...

I challenge today’s “Young Americans for Freedom” to open its books and show us how many dues-paying members they have. I have enough insider experience in the way these things work, I say they don’t have more than 200 dues-paying national members. And that makes them nothing more than a paper tiger compared to the more than 100 chapters and tens of thousands of members of Ron Paul’s Young Americans for Liberty.

They think I am out of my mind? Let them open their books.

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