Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are You Obsolete If You Use a Business Card, Instead of QR Barcode?

Susy Jackson, Assistant Editor at the Harvard Business Review, discusses the business card, here.
Don't stop with her post, though. Be sure to read the first comments.
The two coolest of the 10:
Clay Forsberg writes:
I'm minimalist, so all I have on [my business card] is my name on the front and a quote on the back - that's it. When I give it to someone, I just tell them to Google me and access me that way. The first thing that pops up is my Twitter link (I have the same avatar everywhere) and from there you can get to my blog and all my contact info including email and photo.
Luis Pedraza writes: 
I have a QR code printed on my business card with my contact information in Vcard format. This way people can choose whether to accept the piece of paper or just scan the information with a smartphone :)

1 comment:

  1. clay screwed up; he's imposing his minimalism on others by requiring them to take additional steps to access/contact him. and 2 weeks after distributing his card, it's just a name on a piece of stock.

    Luis, OTOH, A+. instant storage of data. He gets it; it's not about him, it's about customer convenience.