Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Busy April for Ron Paul; Including Appearances on The Colbert Report and The View

In a letter to supporters, Dr. Paul details his April schedule.

On April 11th, he will head to Iowa to speak at Dordt College and then attend several events in the East.

On April 20th, he will go to Mississippi State University, and then on to Florida State on April 21st.

On April 25th, he will be in New York City for a book signing and appearances on "no less than 6 tv shows, including The View and The Colbert Report."

And, on April 28,  he will head to The University of Nevada in Reno.

Congressman Paul concluded his letter by saying he is also considering an additional trip to New Hampshire in April, and then trips to New Hampshire, Iowa, and Nevada in May.

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  1. He should announce on Colbert! That would be awesome.