Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dr. Taki with More Details on the Blackstone and Carlyle Group Libyan Connections

The PEU Report provides important background information on the, most assuredly now dead in the water, relationship Carlyle Group's David Runenstein was developing with Libya's Saif Gaddafi, here.

But it takes the tell-it-like-it-is, in the know, international jet setter, Taki Theodoracopulos to put the personal, up close, details to the international brown-nosing:
 The press has been full of reports about the Rothschild and Mandelson connection to the ghastly Saif, but it was Fiat, the Italian automaker, which first brought his father in from the cold back in 1976. I remember being on Gianni Agnelli’s boat off Corfu sometime in May or June of that year when the deal was finalized: 5% of Fiat for 400 million greenbacks. The 5% was bought back after a while, but Gaddafi still owns 7.5% of Juventus, the Torino football giant, and I’d hate to think what else in Italy. Uncle Sam, who pretends to be appalled by European greed in cozying up to the bloody dictator, speaks with forked tongue. The heads of multi-billion-dollar investment funds Blackstone and Carlyle—Stephen Schwarzman and David Rubenstein, respectively—attended the wedding of Mustafa Zarti, a close friend of Saif’s and the real power behind Libya’s Sovereign Wealth Fund and its $70-billion assets. What I find bizarre is how amateurish and unprofessional the Libyan fund is, with a lack of investment expertise and bureaucratic inertia ruling the day. Zarti is a real horror, the Arab equivalent of Avigdor Lieberman, but both Schwarzman and Rubinstein bent and kissed his ring in Tripoli back in 2009, brown-nosing the vile Zarti in the best Tony Blair manner.

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