Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Elizabeth Warren's Push Pin Travels

In yet another profile on  Elizabeth Warren, who is setting up the interventionist federal government's new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, WSJ tells us that Warren tracks herself, the way some people track a season's hurricanes:
A wall map of the U.S. in the new bureau's offices tracks Ms. Warren's methodical campaign with colored push-pins. Each blue pin records an "in-person meeting w/[Elizabeth Warren], while a red pin means a "one-on-one EW call" and a white pin a "group meeting w/EW." The map has 47 pins so far.

As always, she is surprised she was chosen for the interim position and though more profiles appear about her than anyone else in the Obama Administration (including the president), she, golly gee, has no idea how all this happens. WSJ again:
Asked if her campaign among bankers is aimed at improving her chances of being nominated as director, Ms. Warren said, "I am working 14 hours a day to set up this agency. I'm just focused on my job."
Wayne Abernathy explains Warren's push pin schmoozing:
Ms. Warren is making far less progress with the largest banks. Wayne Abernathy, an executive vice president at the American Bankers Association, says, "I've been in some of those meetings. They never get into detail. It's pretty much the same story as 'don't you think we should all get along?' Sign me up for that. But what does that mean?"

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