Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fed Economist Who Called Ron Paul a Pinhead Isn't Even an American

Based on data from the Facebook page of Federal Reserve economist David Andolfatto, it appears that Andolfatto, who criticized Ron Paul for decrying the destruction of the value of the dollar by the Federal Reserve, is not an American. In an email to me, he indicates he can not vote in the United States.

According to Andolfatto's Facebook page, he went to North Surrey Secondary School in Surrey, British Columbia.  On the page, Andofatto also lists Vancouver, British Columbia as where he is from.

I welcome intellectual arguments from anywhere in the world, but there is something extra peculiar about a Canadian on the payroll of the Fed attacking the opinions of a U.S. congressman. Has Bernanke stooped to hiring foreign mercenaries?



  1. It's the same old stuff. Only now the (British) rule is by proxies.

  2. The arbitrary lines drawn in the sand by nation states is beyond the point and shouldn't matter in this debate. I would keep it around his assertion that money is "neutral". There is enough there for a great discussion.

    Let's not turn this into a territorial mud slinging contest. Just my opinion though.

  3. Mr. Andolfatto is apparently still associated with Simon Fraser University

    Department of Economics
    Simon Fraser University
    Burnaby, British Columbia
    Canada V5A 1S6

    • Publications
    • Working Papers
    • Dead Ends
    • Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis
    • Vienna Macroeconomics Workshop


    My textbook: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy (2nd Edition). Free download (about 250 pages); look for it here:,_David.html


    His page at the St. Louis Fed:

  4. Agree strongly with Nick C on this one.

  5. I don't. stinkin' Canadian.

  6. Make that three in favor of Nick.

  7. You're jumping to conclusions, Wenzel. Maybe he isn't permitted to vote because he's a convicted felon.

  8. Just found this blog. It seemed decent until I got to this post. Who cares if a foreigner works in a pseudo-government entity? If you have a problem with his policies that's fine, but this is just dumb. I won't be back.