Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Great Problem with Central Planning... that you get bipeds like Paul Krugman and Brad DeLong hailing a column by a CatFish, who writes as though he has no clue about the writings of Hayek and Mises on the impossibility of a continuing prosperous world where central planning replaces the decision making that would occur in a country where private property was supreme.

The CatFish, who despite his deceiving given name, Felix Salmon, is a biped bicyclist and, in the true socialist spirit of Krugman and DeLong, is all for more centrally planned bike lanes in NYC and, apparently, fewer cars.

His rant in favor of these bike lanes reminds one of a poor man's John Kenneth Galbraith--- totally elitist in approach, arrogant far beyond justification and when held up to the scrutiny of logical thinking on the failures of central planning, appears to be a fish way out of water, perhaps a fish attempting to bicycle on a centrally planned bicycle lane.  


  1. I was horrified when I realized that the Krugmanite horde is completely unfamiliar basic Austrian School concepts like free market pricing as the essential source of economic knowledge. Then I realized that while they are calling us names like “fringe” and “psycho”, they likewise had no clue that the pricing process is the central concept of our position.

    I don’t think I’m repeating myself. They have a) no familiarity with our basic ideas; and b) no clue that those ideas are central to our policies prescriptions.

    And I’m talking about Krugman, DeLong, Salmon and Yglesias. Don’t get me started on their minions.

  2. Bob R; Umm do you realize how few Austrian economists there where until recently? I believe there was only 4 or 5 colleges where Mises's ideas where actually mentioned let alone taught.