Monday, March 14, 2011

Group Calls for Siege of the Federal Reserve

A group apparently affiliated with the web site, AmpedStatus Network, is calling for a siege of the Federal Reserve beginning on March 28. The web site AmpedStatus carries the following statement:
Due to the incredible abuse of power centered in the Federal Reserve, committed citizens will put the Federal Reserve Banks in a state of siege in order to bring pressure on the Reserve to create policies that focus on restoration of all classes while decentralizing economic control, and to bring attention to the cause.
The announcement goes on to state that the siege is planned for all 12 district Federal Reserve banks plus the headquarters of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, which is located in Washington D.C.

The site states:
Our goal is to picket the Fed so that there is no movement into the building, and thus to paralyze their operations.


  1. So they're going to pressure the Fed to "create policies that focus on restoration of all classes while decentralizing economic control"? What exactly does that mean?

  2. AmpedStatus Network was established by cryptocommunists, as you can see by skimming

    Now, getting rid of the two party oligarchy and corp personhood are good ideas. Every anarchist, properly so called, should want this. So also is decentralization. But note the usual sort of incoherent, impractical, unworkable lefty demands. For example:

    - Make Healthcare a Human Right (to get votes for leftist politicians)
    - Improve Education For All, Reduce Costs (more votes and centralization)
    - Rebuild Infrastructure (good for unions and crony capitalists, too)
    - Empower States’ Rights (but the states, so called are really just provinces)
    - End Corporate Welfare (so much for private companies doing the infrastructure work)
    - Raise Taxes on Richest 0.1% (appeal to envy)
    - Reduce Taxes for 99%

    So will it be decentralization and states' rights or centralization under the federal government? Will We get rid of crony capitalism, in which case the superrich will eventually run out of wealth given tax increaseses, or We soak the rich BUT keep the crony capitalism through which they enrich theirselves?

    Then there's a really important item:

    -Create New Political Parties

    In other words, kill the Republicans and drag the Democrats far to the left. Finally, at the top left there's the photo of the Constitution and its great god, We. I am reminded of Ayn Rand's "Anthem".

    Cryptocommies are experts at offering a long grocery list of enticements to appeal to a wide variety of naive malcontents and stirring up the waters to create a turbulent, muddy mess. So also AmpedStatus Network, which is just run of the mill cryptocommunism in action. reports that David DeGraw of Huntington, NY, is the registrant of the domain You can find a picture of him at

  3. the group is not affiliated with amped status, it is an independent initiative simply using their forums to spread their message. david degraw has nothing to do with this protest

  4. further, this info is out of date: the demands are as follows:

    "The Fed surrenders its private status
    Quantitative Easing Is Ended
    The Fed Assumes Debt from Individual Homeowners and forgives it
    Surrenders Control of the Monetary Supply"

  5. Yeah, this sounds like a GREAT idea. Let's threaten to infringe on individuals' ability to get to work on Monday morning and talk about a potentially violent protest on PRIVATE property on the Internet where everyone can see.

    Duh, the cops (and not just the Fed rent-a-cops) will be waiting outside of every Federal Reserve bank on Monday morning too.

    I'm going to the Board in DC bright and early at 5:59a to watch them all get arrested. Then going home to work.