Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is Fed Bashing Going Completely Mainstream?

EPJ's Hans Palmstierna emails:
Just in case you didn't catch it, I watched yesterdays episode of Beck online just now, and apparently he is doing a show on the Fed thisFfriday (he even called it "The Monster from Jekyll Island").

Is FED-bashing about to go completely mainstream?

// Hans
Glenn Beck is a funny duck, but sometimes he latches on to the core of what is wrong in America. If Beck starts talking about something, it won't stop there. The Fed is clearly nervous about the public attitude toward it. Is that what's behind the current vicious attacks by the Fed on Ron Paul and me, and the vicious attack by the banksters' William Lacy Clay on Thomas DiLorenzo?

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke


  1. Is the inflation tax used to pay David Andolfatto, Stephen Williamson, and other court intellectuals of the banking cartel?

  2. Beck has talked about the Fed before. In fact, buying gold and the fed's money printing are a big facet of his schtick. I can actually say Glenn Beck advocating buying gold got me frantic enough to purchase my first ounce of golf (many moons ago).

    That said, 'funny duck' is putting it lightly. The guy is a populist puppet in the true sense of the term. While the Tea Party remains popular (and significant), he'll play along. In a few years, once we get some normalcy back (if we get it back) and the Tea Party loses it's luster, I expect him to change to the next political 'big thing'.