Monday, March 28, 2011

Koch versus Soros: Enter the Neo-Cons

Hardcore pro-war, anti-Ron Paul, writer Matthew Continetti has put out an 8,400 word defense/fawning profile of the Koch brothers in the neo-con, Weekly Standard.

Watch this guy in this video clip, I'm talking real hardcore pro war, anti-Ron Paul. He wouldn't defend his mother, if she wasn't as hardcore. Does he know something about the Kochs the rest of us don't?

Meanwhile, on the side of the Soros-backed Regressives, Politico informs on filmmaker Robert Greenwald:
This week, Greenwald’s non-profit group Brave New Films plans to release the first part of its documentary series, focusing on what Greenwald asserts are the five most harmful impacts of the Kochs’ political efforts. That will be followed by what is billed as an 8-part investigative series “exposing the billionaires’ control over your job, your life, and your well being.”

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  1. So party A's billionaire's against party B's billionaires. It's funny how many people will interpret this as a real difference as opposed to a sham.