Monday, March 28, 2011

Libyan Oil Kaching $$$

Somebody is about to cash in big time on oil cash flow from Libya.

Reuters reports:
FLASH: Libya rebel official says rebels in "active discussions" to have sanctions lifted on purchases of crude from rebel-held east Libya
Huh, it's a good thing the Treasury included in its sanctions against Libya the provision that as soon as oil changed hands the sanctions might be lifted. And that the central bank structure, for such cash flow, has already been put in place.

Nothing planned here in advance. Just something new, bureaucrats and rebels with keen financial foresight. That's all. Nothing to see here, please keep on moving. I repeat the no fly zone is strictly a humanitarian effort.


  1. From the BBC Live Blog: "The US Treasury has given the green light to sales of Libyan crude oil from rebel-held territory, saying rebels are not part of Col Gaddafi's regime and therefore are not subject to US sanctions, AP news agency reports."

  2. Not one drop of oil will be purchased from the rebels. It will be illegal. The oil belongs to the still sovereign nation of Libya.

  3. This will backfire on the west as well. Real people in Libya and elsewhere in the MENA region are really protesting for real reasons and getting shot by real bullets. It will not pass by unnoticed by these "protesters in good faith" that some if not much of this action was nothing but a setup for a power grab of some sorts.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Most of the people didn't take bullets for this. Another example of "Change you can believe in." And just as disingenuous.

  4. Wenzel wrote: “Nothing planned here in advance….”

    Yeah, criticize ‘em when they plan, criticize ‘em when they don’t.

    Why is this a big deal? And characterizations like bionic mosquito’s “power grab”? Hyperbole.

    This is what I EXPECT my govt to do: actively secure the natural resources used to power the greatest country in the world. Even a small player’s resources like Libya.

    I happen to enjoy my standard of living, as inegalitarian as it may be.

    You “doves” are suggesting our presence in Libya is wrong. Fine. You want $7 gal gas? Move to Europe.

    Hat’s off to my govt for managing this situation; oil is just like water: worth fighting over…

  5. @Anonymous 10:32


    Never, ever, in my entire life have I ever complained about a country or group of rebels failing to plan in advance the creaton a central bank.

    End the Fed!

  6. The money speech for 'anonymous' to hear.


  7. Hey Scarlett -

    note the most recent reply on your link:

    "Most people think this shit is conspiracy but it is an obvious fact of life and the world..."


    I mean really, what are your points?

    That money is evil? gimme a break.

  8. If there were no oil trade in Libya the situation would barely register on mainstream media news.