Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Reports of Possible Reactor Leak; Reading 100,000 Times Normal

Efforts to repair the cooling systems at reactors 2 and 3 reactors at the Fukushima Dai- Ichi nuclear plant are being delayed by the need to drain radioactive water from the floors.

Tests found radiation levels at 100,000 times the normal level in the  reactor 2 at the plant. (Note:This was originally reported in error by Tokyo Power as 10 million times normal levels.) According to the World Nuclear Association, the reading of 100, 000 times normal the dose would cause vomiting, hair loss and diarrhea.

Tokyo Power Vice President Sakae Muto, in a briefing, said that reactor 2 may be leaking. “I think it is high,” Muto said of the radiation level in the pool of water at the unit 2.

As for the clean-up of the water pools, the company plans to put the radioactive water into condenser tanks. Those tanks are probably already full, so crews must find a way to drain them.

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