Monday, March 7, 2011

A Note to Henry Blodget

Business Insider's founder Henry Blodget has posted  the latest numbers for his site.

The revenue and traffic numbers don't surprise me, what surprises me is the number of people on his payroll.

Blodget writes:
We have about 45 full-timers on our team now, of which about 25 work in the newsroom, 10 in engineering, and 10 in sales and management.
Yikes! I had no idea. I mean, I knew that Henry had some kind of technical guy that resulted in his graphics being a lot cooler than EPJ's. But I never imagined he had 10 people in engineering. And, I generally read only Henry, Joe Weisenthal and Courtney Comstock at BI, even though I know there are others, and I do correspond with Julie Zeveloff occasionally about running some EPJ content at BI, but I never imagined it was 25 in the newsroom.

Note to Henry:

You've got some heft. Somehow I think you need to better get this point across about your site.


  1. Robert:

    Would you do what they do to get those numbers? I.e., become a tabloid? Huff Post, Daily Beast, and the like.

  2. BI is nothing more than a left wing, conservative bashing garbage website that started rapidly going down hill last year. Blodget is a total left winger who's is trying to position/market BI as financial HuffPost. Amateur hour at its best. Joe and Courtney are absolutely the worst; they are barely literate let alone serious financial journalists.

    Robert, why does a smart guy like you even read it?