Saturday, March 26, 2011

Protests Get Wild in London

Unlike the protests we have so far seen in the United States where government union members have been protesting against the government and aiming their dissatisfaction against government institutions, the protests in London this weekend are proving to be of a completely different nature.

Activists are protesting against government cuts and are taking their anger out against private businesses. Whereas a protest against the government and its institutions would simply obstruct the government from harassing others, the protests in London are resulting in damage being done to the property of private citizens. Not good.

Since governments pretty much around the world don't have the funds to continue to make the handouts they have been making, we are likely in for a major period of unrest around the globe, including in the United States.

The problem, as I have suggested many times, is that the protesters do not understand that an increasing standard of living comes about only through an acceptance of private property, free markets and the rule of law.

Many of these protests are simply bizarre, not only this one in London, but the protests we have seen in the PIIGS countries. Aside from the philosophical question of whether governments should be taking from some and handing out to others, the current situation is one where governments wouldn't have the money to pay out, even if they taxed the "rich" 100%, and yet protesters are demanding the impossible handouts.

This utter madness, confusion and ignorance is not likely to lead to anything good. Out of this kind of madness totalitarians arise.

Scroll through these pictures for an up close look at the madness in London.


  1. It's all very childish if you think about it. Massive detachment from reality.

  2. Childish? Detachmed from reality?

    I cant imagine eating a 50% rise in education costs as a student in London or a 25% pay decrease as a worker in Greece because of poor leadership decisions and feeling well done by..

    Most of the anarchists turn out to be police anyway.. and after watching V for Vendetta again overnight i do agree this sort of thing will only lead to more government control not less similar to the situation just witnessed in Egypt.

  3. What you do not seem to understand is that the worlds TAXPAYERS BAILED OUT THE LARGEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS IN THE WORLD - HOW DO YOU EQUATE THIS WITH A FREE MARKET. The British have got it exactly right. Bust up the big banks and if a few global business's get dinged so be it.

  4. The cuts were to handle debt that was created to bail out banks that gambled irresponsibly. The government's solution being to steal more money from the people to make sure bankers get their bonuses, I'm surprised they didn't burn down the whole city. These people are correctly realizing that they have almost nothing to lose.

  5. The current debt problem isn't even related to the banksters per se...

    If these protesters want to not seem like utter idiots, they should protest the government and its bailouts, not cuts in benefits that were NEVER EVER going to be sustainable. A very large portion of the UK's debt arises from unfunded liabilities and entitlement programmes, not just bailouts. Of course, I'd love for some proof that the property they're wrecking belongs solely to the banksters and not blameless private individuals who simply have grown fed up with little and large entitled brats sucking off their raw teat.

    "Childish? Detachmed from reality?"


    "I cant imagine eating a 50% rise in education costs as a student in London or a 25% pay decrease as a worker in Greece because of poor leadership decisions and feeling well done by.."

    They were all too happy to consume of the horn of plenty showered upon them when governments artificially lowered costs in education. Not a complaint then. Now when it proves impossible to keep this regime up, whom do they blame?

    They need to grow the fuck up. Sorry.