Monday, March 21, 2011

Putin: UN Resolution Resembles “Medieval Calls for Crusades”.

Reuters reports that Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister, has said the UN resolution on Libya resembles “medieval calls for crusades”. Russia was one of the five UN security council states – along with China, India, Germany and Brazil – who abstained from last week’s UN vote endorsing a no-fly zone over Libya.

•interference in other countries’ internal affairs is becoming a trend in US foreign policy

•events in Libya indicate Russia should strengthen its own defence capabilities

•the Gaddafi regime does not meet democratic criteria, but that does not justify military intervention

1 comment:

  1. Putin's talk is cheap. If he really felt that way, then maybe Russia should have vetoed instead of abstained.

    Russia had an opportunity to stop the "crusade" by vetoing the resolution, and didn't. Putin had a chance to walk-the-walk, but he just settled for talking.