Friday, March 11, 2011

Rising Fuel Prices May Keep Some Illinois State Police Off the Highway

Fewer Illinois State Police may be patrolling the roads soon if gas prices continue to rise, reports

State Police Interim Director Patrick Keen told a state House appropriations committee that his department's proposed budget for the next fiscal year calculates gasoline at about $3.35 a gallon.

"If gas prices do continue to increase - if they get to around $4 a gallon - then we will have to ... think about what we're going to do. But, possibly, we'll have to go back to some of the things we did in 2008 when gas prices were high," Keen said.

Stationary patrols and requiring officers to double up when traveling are possibilities, according to Keen. Another option, said Keen, is to come back to the General Assembly and ask for more money.


  1. My guess is that the speeding ticket quotas increase.

  2. The legislators could always just raise the average cost of a ticket, thereby justifying driving around with higher gas prices. Obviously, if higher gas prices cause the ISP to consider driving less, it simply means speeding tickets and other moving violations aren't costly enough!

    (Note: this logic courtesy of the statist mind, representation of this logic is not a sign of agreement or support and this message does not represent an offer to buy or sell any inane statist logic.)

  3. fewer staties on the roads? ah, the hidden benefits of inflation ;-)