Friday, March 18, 2011

U.S. Radiation Disinformation Campaign

The mainstream media comments on the radiation that is now just hitting the shores of the West Coast of the United States appears to be a carefully crafted disinformation campaign that focuses on the low levels of radiation now hitting the West Coast, but fails to mention that these levels are likely to climb substantially in the days ahead.

Infowars explains the situation best:

 As we have emphasized, the radiation now hitting the west coast is from the early leaks suffered by the Fukushima plant after the earthquake and tsunami last Friday, which actually occurred Thursday U.S. time. These leaks were minimal in comparison to the radiation emitted after explosions on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday tore apart the buildings housing the reactors.

In addition, the radiation currently being measured does not take into account radiation emitted by pools of deadly spent nuclear rods, which only began to emit serious amounts of radiation a few days ago.

We will not know the true level of the threat until the radiation particles emitted as a result of the three explosions that devastated Fukushima hits the west coast over the weekend and into Monday. The fact that authorities have completely failed to point this out suggests they are actively trying to whitewash the threat that the fallout poses to Americans.

For the sake of people in America and around the globe, we hope that levels of radiation have dissipated over the Pacific and that future generations are not made to suffer. But for officials to hastily dismiss the threat before the vast majority of the radiation has even reached the west coast, and while Fukushima is still smoking, in a stage of partial melt down, and emitting more radiation every second, is completely irresponsible and suggests a cover-up.
A truthful report on the current radiation threat to the United States should read:
The first radiation from the Japanese nuclear crisis is hitting the West Coast. The levels are very low, but will be increasing as radiation from the stronger releases in Japan of most recent days, begins to hit the West Coast.
Instead, this is what we are getting from AP:
A diplomat with access to radiation tracking by the U.N.'s Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization in Vienna cited readings from a California-based measuring station of the agency as about a billion times beneath levels that would be health threatening. He spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the CTBTO does not make its findings public.

Meanwhile, air pollution regulators in Southern California also said they have not detected increased levels of radiation from the damaged Japanese nuclear reactors.
Here's the latest, "limited story," from the Los Angeles Times:
The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization, which monitors radiation globally, said Friday that minute amounts of radiation from Fukushima had reached the West Coast of the United States, but only at barely detectable levels that were insignificant to health.


  1. I think you're reaching a little here. This isn't exactly the first time Infowars has concluded that something "suggests a coverup".

  2. Everything is a fkn coverup! Don't you get it!?

  3. The only way to know is to buy your own Geiger counter and test it yourself, then post a video of it online to disprove the media.

  4. We'll know by the beginning of the week if they're trying to cover anything up. There are enough independent researchers that we'll be able to compare media coverage with actual data.

    I will concede that there has been an abundance of "don't worry" type news (not just in the US) that appears overly optimistic based on what is known.

  5. "The only way to know is to buy your own Geiger counter and test it yourself, then post a video of it online to disprove the media."

    You can do so here: