Sunday, March 20, 2011

WAR: WSJ Takes on Elizabeth Warren

Popcorn time.The Elizabeth Warren PR machine ticks off WSJ's  editorial board. Check this out from the grand observers at WSJ:
Elizabeth Warren's Hit Squad

Smearing journalists who disagree with them.. 
These columns haven't joined the rest of the press in treating Ms. Warren's policy goals as gospel, and our criticism seems to have struck a nerve. Shortly after our latest editorial on the new bureau, Ms. Warren's minions collaborated with the Huffington Post on an ad hominem smear of our colleague and Journal editorial board member Mary Kissel. The scandalous news? Before she turned to a career in journalism, Ms. Kissel worked from 1999 to 2002 at . . . Goldman Sachs
How did the Huffington Post's intrepid Zach Carter pull off this scoop? Well, perhaps he read Ms. Kissel's bio on our website, For years we've posted the secret there in plain sight.
Our policy is not to disclose who writes specific editorials because they genuinely are the voice of the editorial board and a collaborative product. We do demand that our writers know something about the subjects they write about, so in our view having worked in finance is a useful credential for writing about finance. Financial knowledge is apparently not a requirement at the Huffington Post. As for the Goldman-is-behind-it-all view of modern life, we'd note only that Mr. Carter and his sources in the Obama Administration have now reached spiritual communion with Glenn Beck.

Mr. Carter quotes "a source close to Warren" as spreading the smear about us and our editorial writer, albeit without providing a name. For the record, while reporting our editorial we spoke with "senior spokesperson" Jen Howard, who handed us off to senior adviser Dan Geldon, who declined to speak on the record but whose colorful animadversions we would not print in a family newspaper in any case.

Perhaps Ms. Warren—or some adult in the Obama Administration—should ask who on her staff thinks it's cute to smear journalists on the taxpayer's dime
Well, Goldman Sachs is behind it all. Thanks to Elizabeth Warren's spin team for pointing out that Goldman has even captured the editorial board of WSJ.

And, well, thanks to WSJ for pointing out that Elizabeth "Aw Shucks" Warren does have a vicious hit team.

May the battle continue.

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  1. So, which one is the underdog that we libertarians must rightfully muster our support for? And when can we expect a column from Walter Block, settling the matter once and for all to the satisfaction of all individualist libertarians everywhere? (Minus all the follow-up articles he'll have to write, dealing with people's occasionally angry, but mostly fawning and praising, e-mails.)