Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who Is Spending Big Bucks to Dine with the Prez?

President Obama is in NYC tonight and is holding a fund raising dinner in Harlem.

According to Fortune.com's Nin-Hai Tseng, it costs $30,800 to attend the dinner and about 50 are expected.

She reports that President and co-founder of Chelsea Piers LP Tom Bernstein and wife Andrea are attending, along with:

Evercore Partners President and CEO Ralph Schlosstein and wife Jane Hartley, co-founder of the Observatory Group, an economic and political advisory firm.

Orin Kramer, an expected guest, is a general partner of the hedge fund Boston Provident, LP.

Also likely to attend is Michael Kempner, member of the White House Council for Community Solutions.

And Andrew Tobias, treasurer of the Democratic National Committee and best-selling author.
The dinner will held at the Red Rooster, which serves comfort food. Among the dinner items on the Rooster menu is an appetizer of lox and lax served with purple mustard.

UPDATE: Politico reports Charlie Rangel will be at the dinner.

Red Rooster Harlem Dinner Invitation 03 29 2011


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