Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Banned by Facebook

I attempted to post an EPJ link on my Facebook account today and received this message:
This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error.
Coincidentally, just today, I learned that Facebook is limiting those who can see a post (even if they are friended) on any Facebook page, for any account, to those who have actively exchanged some type of information with that given account. In other words, you are all going to see a lot fewer messages on your Facebook page, across the Facebook universe.

Since I have been clear from the start that I was using my Facebook page as a way to update those who would like to learn about my posts, under the new rules at Facebook, my Facebook site has become of little value (even if I spent the time to figure out how to get unbanned), since even those who have signed up to keep up-to-date with my posts, but who do not correspond with me, will no longer see my posts on their page. I will, thus, be shutting down my Facebook page.

Anyone, who wants an immediate update on all the EPJ posts, should sign up at my Twitter account, by clicking here.


  1. Facebook remains to be a highly suspect social network. I advise all of my friends to keep anything they don't want known or archived forever off of Facebook. Blacklisting messages, words, and ideas is a typical statist response - something just never feels right with Zuckerberg and his wonder-site.

  2. @Jaison

    Amen - Still haven't felt the need to see "Social Network".

    Somethin creepy about lettin it all hang out GLOBALLY!!!

    Sounds like the Z-Man is shooting himself in the foot anyway.

  3. Zuckerberg is still young and foolish which often produces some of the nutty stuff FB does from time to time. You also have to question his judgment when he gave a New Jersey school district $100million with no strings attached. There is nothing wrong with giving away your money, but you would at least want to ensure that what ever it is used for is aligned with supporting your cause. This donation to me shows he has a reckless side to his thinking. IMO a $100mil scholarship fund for poor students would have helped thousands of people for decades rather then flushing $100mil down the government waste hole.

  4. Obama and Schmuckerberg are in cahoots.

  5. Actually, anonymous, the no-strings-attached $100million will be a good future talking point for us when tax revenues really crash. Schools will cry for funding, and we can point to this. "Even when you had a spare $100million, you didn't educate anyone, and you screwed it up anyway.".

  6. They are editing and re-writing history as it passes to "clean it up" as they desire it to be remembered... many third world countries and their Dictators do the same.

    Look at these links below from an email i sent to a couple friends in Dec 2008

    Ever see an error like this before on YouTube? Me neither... It was a speech where Obama called for a Civilian Youth Military "as big and strong as our military" that was under only his direction.

    I'm going to go through a few of my old emails from the past and see how many of these previously working links (but unflattering to the administration) have suddenly become "malformed URL's" a nice way to help "alter" the past to fit a desired view if you don't like what is being shown. the Google founders are huge Obama supporters (as is Facebook Zuckerberg) both companies as well have large investments from the CIA among other government agencies. Which is a nice way to get access to backdoor or all unedited data streams.

    If you are curious about that as a precedent - just Google Hitler Youth Corps and see what it would be like (they were also known as the werewolves)

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: "XXXX"
    Date: December 2, 2008 1:30:11 PM EST
    To: XXX
    Subject: Obama Wants National Security Force
    Reply-To: XXX

  7. Maybe now that Goldman Sachs is a big time investor in FB, they're unhappy about some of the things you say about them.

  8. Robert - you are incorrect about the issue on who can see posts. There are two modes of looking at the Facebook page, "TOP NEWS" and "MOST RECENT." Most recent has and always has shown ALL posts by ALL friends. "TOP NEWS" is what tries to determine what interests you most. They make changes to that all the time, for whatever well intended or nefarious purposes, and then people complain about their loss of control... not realizing it's because they have their feed set to Top News instead of Most Recent.. That being said, it is annoying that by default Facebook switches back to Top News so you have to adjust that like every time.

  9. RW, you must be heartbroken!

    On a related note, if Facebook develops a reputation for intolerance, an opening in the market will develop for competitors to exploit.

  10. Facebook is risky because it is completely centralized. People concerned with being censored and/or privacy should keep an eye on Diaspora, which is an open source decentralized social network. It is not yet nearly complete, but worth keeping an eye on, and at some point, hopefully there will be a turning point that will convince everyone they need freedom from Facebook's un-benevolent dictatorship.

  11. A sign of a sick society when people walk around clinging to their digital umbilical cords and seeking "virtual" friends on internet sites such as Facebook