Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ben Stein , A Potential Donald Trump VIP Candidate?

Citi has cancelled a Ben Stein speaking engagement because of an allegedly sexist joke Stein told at a Private Equity conference in Dallas. Stein sounding a bit like a junior Donald Trump denied the accusations and said:
When I was finished with this speech, dozens of women in the room came up to me and wanted their pictures taken with me, wanted autographs from me. Dozens of them. I got fan mail from women who had been at the group saying how much they liked the speech.
While Stein was losing his gig, Gloria Allred was holding a press conference, which got me thinking that we can probably pencil her in for Secretary of State in a Trump Administration. Her conference has to be seen to be believed, here. Note that one of the nine year old  twin girls in the clip, the one on the left, can't even hold a straight face during the conference. And you are unlikely to have ever seen a demonstration with a baseball bat like the one Allred puts on.

1 comment:

  1. Who actually licensed that nutjob Allred to practice law?

    Oh no! Some guy was eating a fish taco and remarked how much he loved "fish tacos." Clearly he is an evil-doer and should forfeit all assets to his "victims" that happened to be standing nearby.

    Of course, Ms. Allred will be happy to suck up her requisite 45-50% for her "tireless efforts" to be the female Al Sharpton.