Saturday, April 2, 2011

Desperation California Style

Government tax revenues are way down in California, so the government is getting "creative".

The California Highway Patrol is handing out more traffic citations than it did a few years ago, and that has generated tens of millions of dollars in new revenue for state and local government, reports the Sacramento Bee.

A lawyer friend tells me some of the revenue raising moves are quite slick. In California, in the old days, it cost you $115.00 to incorporate. You could file with the state and get your papers in some cases within 2 hours, but it never took more than a week.

Now it takes five weeks. The lawyer tells me that the clerks now take in the incorporation applications and put them on a pile and don't look at them for four weeks. He says the clerks can be sitting there doing nothing, but a new application goes on the pile. If you need 24 hour turnaround, you can still get it but it costs an additional $350 over the basic $115.00 filing fee.

He says he sees many of these slick money generating moves by the state that don't catch the immediate attention of the public.

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