Sunday, April 24, 2011

Elizabeth Warren and the Coming Military Coup?

Long-time EPJ readers know that I monitor Elizabeth Warren's activities fairly closely. Warren is the special assistant to the President, she is setting up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Despite her aw shucks manner, I think she is as politically savvy and power hungry as a person can get. In addition, it would be hard to get more elitist and interventionist than her.

On January 6th, I wrote:
The Treasury and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau are both playing up big the announcement that the wife of General Patraeus, Holly Petraeus, is being named to head the CFPB’s Office of Service Member Affairs...

Keep in mind, all this commotion is over a woman who is not going to do much more than oversee military credit unions and mortgages taken out by servicemen. I am beginning to see the political skills of Elizabeth Warren in full bloom with this announcement. If one considers that the military elite may have more to say about goings on in certain operations around the country than the President, the Holly Patraeus appointment is as a very skillful, though scary, political move.

You don't often see such blatant pandering to the military elite. It takes a unique person to want to do that and, in Elizabeth Warren, we have one.
On January 14th, I wrote: is intriguing that Warren has this side action going with the wife of General Patraeus. First Warren puts her on the CFPB payroll, now she is heading to Lackland Air Force base with her...Interesting, Warren is tasked with basically restructuring the entire consumer financial sector, and she's heading to a third rate meeting with Holly Patreaus. If I didn't know better, I'd be thinking Warren is expecting a military coup.
Now, Lew Rockwell has this fascinating comment at his new blog, Political Theatre:
A friend and long-time political observer predicts that the Republican establishment, terrified of the pygmy candidates and of Ron Paul, plans to introduce the armed neocon Gen. Petraeus into the presidential race.


  1. Patraeus is handsome, well-spoken, basically unknown to the public and a "military hero". If he runs, he has a good shot at winning. Scary.

  2. Not far off.
    Any who read neo-conjob artist Charles Krauthammer op-ed piece this weekend on the GOPs 2012 hopefuls knows they are not excited by any of the candidates.
    Too terrified of RP to even mention him.

  3. A criminal harlot, if ever there were one.

  4. The agency run by Elizabeth Warren is not subject to congressional oversight. It is administered and funded thru the Fed.

    Be afraid, be very afraid...