Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gas Prices Are Now $1.00 Higher Than Last Year... least in Southern California.

Most of the rest of the country is right in line.

All major cities in Southern California are now posting averages of $4.10 and above, according to Automobile Club of Southern California’s Weekend Gas Watch

That's $1.00 per gallon higher than last year, according to ACSC spokesman Jeffrey Spring.

Here's a 24 month chart of average gas prices across the country, via Gasbuddy (Note that the price climb started long before the uprising in Libya started) :

Click on charge for larger view.


  1. Huh, if I just followed the media, they always say that the Libya situation created the rise in gas prices.

    I guess if I was conspiracy-mided, I might think that "one" of the reasons Obama attacked Libya was to deflect attention away from the true cause of the spike in oil prices....

    ....all that damnable demand in China!


  2. I realize that correlation isn't always causation However, it sure does look like a price spike beginning when QE2 was declared by The Ben Bernank. ;)