Monday, April 25, 2011

Greg Mankiw a Decent Guy?

Even though I give Mankiw a difficult time here regularly at EPJ, I have to admit he does seem to be a decent guy. He posts at his web site today:
I will take five ec 10 students to lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant in the square, right after today's lecture.  My treat.  Send me an email asap, and I will let you know if you are among the first five to respond.
This is rare stuff. Not all movie star profs are like this. Berkeley students tell me that Robert Reich scoots out of class, without stopping for any questions, and in addition doesn't hold any office hours.

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  1. That doesn't mean he's a nice guy. He could be just kissing up. I myself don't want to spend any extra time with the majority of my students. When students and professors get too close, grade inflation can result -- as if there weren't already enough of it!